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Not only the best looking; also the best city bike ever!

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  • In essence

    Freed from historical constraints, this bicycle is designed purely to answer a simple question: what is the essence of a bike?

    For byAr Bicycle Company, design is its mission, and it is completely in service of the end user.

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  • Bicycle with cardan shaft

    byAr Bicycle Company bicycles are powered by a cardan shaft, instead of with a chain. The cardan shaft is placed where chains normally sit in old fashioned bikes. The bike's pedals propel the cardan shaft, which sets the wheel in motion.

    • No wear and tear

      No more clamping or lubricating and remounting the chains.

    • No maintenance

      Encapsulated in its own housing, the cardan shaft remains clean – and so will your clothing!

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Naked or Volta

Pedal yourself, or chose for support

  • App 1

    Naked byAr

    For the purists, a bike with only the right amount of parts.

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  • App 2

    Volta byAr

    For the easy-rider. Pedal support makes your life easier.

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Wide or narrow

Luggage rack – front or back

  • App 1

    Luggage rack wide

    Ideal for larger items, up to 30 lbs.

  • App 2

    Luggage rack narrow

    Ideal for child's seats and small items.

Select your byAr

Build your own byAr bike: select from frames in Nero, Porcelain, Copper or stainless steel, and select the colors of your accessories. All combinations are available for the Naked and the Volta, and all bikes can be supplied with front and back racks.

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Key or phone

Locks for consumer or professional usage

  • App 1


    The ultimate digital lock for the professional market .

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  • App 2


    The tried and true bicycle lock by AXA.

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byAr gespot

Je ziet ons steeds vaker, in Amersfoort, Eindhoven, Milaan en straks ook bij jou in de straat

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Made with passion

The byAr bicycle is made with passion: passion for design and quality. That's why we use only the best materials.

At byAr, we don't use mass production machines. Instead we build through craftsmanship. Every single byAr bicycle is manually built, and subjected to a precise and thorough inspection process.

you can be sure of having a quality bicycle that will provide years of biking fun.

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The design of our bicycles is completely in service of the bicyclist

&ndash of you!

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    byAr Bicycle Company
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