Discover de byAr Volta

Price € 3.500.­- incl. VAT
Optional: lease

It’s not a bike, it’s a byAr

  • Distinctive design
  • Simple and comfortable in use
  • High quality and low maintenance

With a self learning and adopting all-in-one engine, including batteries and energy
recovery system, a unique cardan driving system and an app control system that can be personalized.
The Volta byAr is the ultimate ECitybike.

and rear light

Integrated in frame and powered by hub dynamo

byar ebike

The self learning motor

Adapts to the rider’s behavior. The result is a very comfortable driving experience. The motor has 5 levels of assistance.

The actie radius is a intimus of 40 km to a maximum of 160 km depending on the level of support and the rider’s effort. 25 km/h is the maximum speed and the maximum torque is 25nm which can be doubled by using the boost button. The batteries are integrated in the motor. The batteries can be recharged in 2 hours. The motor is equipped with a kinetic energy regeneration system.

Extra thick spokes

Provide extra stability and durability

Extra thick tires

Outer tire with Kevlar, inner tube with anti-puncture gel and extra foam layer

Aluminum wheels

with ground sides

A cardan axle

Instead of the usual bicycle chain.

Durability, aesthetically pleasing and no maintenance are the reasons why this form of drive was chosen. The cardan shaft is packed in a clean closed and lubricated housing and as such avoids the usual hasle of a chain.

cardanas fiets

Hydraulic brakes

Strong braking force easily adjustable

In addition, by pedaling backwards, the motor also brakes and charges the released energy into the batteries.

3D Adjustable saddle

One size fits all from 1.55 tot 2.20 cm.

Frame with low entry

Made from unique hardened aluminium extrusion profile. Manually provided with three layers of lacquer, a combination of powder and wet lacquer. The Volta byAr will not rust.


Standard integrated lock in frame for the best security. Optionally, you can opt for the “I LOCK IT” lock. This lock automatically secures your bike. You operate the lock easily with your App.

The byAr app

Makes it possible to use the engine according to everyone’s personal preference. There are 4-5 different positions with a corresponding level of acceleration and assistance. In the event of theft, the motor can be blocked remotely. The app also provides a self diagnostic center, communication with factory, a route planner and a personal log

byAr app

Luggage basket

Ideal for larger items, up to 30 lbs


Luggage carrier

Ideal for child seats and small items.


Smart lock

Smart security for your byAr


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Zehus remote

Full control on your byAr.


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The ByAr Volta is not only distinguished by its comfort, but is also simple to use. Characterized by its unique design, the Volta is a quality bike that stands out. Thanks to its favorable center of gravity, very rigid frame, the self-learning engine and the cardan shaft drive, the byAr Volta is an unique E-city bike.