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How does it work?

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What do our customers say?

I have had a byAr bike for 2 years now. One of the first. With the logo of my company Parcours on it. I like to cycle through the region. Despite a broken leg, I can handle slopes and headwinds with this bike. It is an eye catcher. People say: What a special bike you have! Does he ride well? And then I say: fantastic! Never had such a nice bike.


I hardly get in the car anymore, I much prefer cycling. Someone in our village recently said: “Your bike is the most photographed subject here.” Sometimes even when I'm cycling somewhere the window opens with the comment “cool bike!”


All in all I am very satisfied with this special bike. And get compliments on the special look from many along the way. A few even recognize that it is a bicycle with cardan shaft drive. Those are the true bike enthusiasts. It is a wonderful bike to ride, good entry and a good seat. And I can move forward with it relaxed for a long time. This byAr is byfar my best gadget bike.


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De Volta byAr

The ultimate ECitybike

The price of the Volta byAr is €3.500

  • Distinguished in design
  • Simple and comfortable to use
  • High quality and no maintenance

Technical specifications

The ByAr Volta is not only distinguished by its comfort, but is also simple to use. Characterized by its unique design, the Volta is a quality bike that stands out. Thanks to its favorable center of gravity, very stiff frame, the self-learning engine and the cardan shaft drive, the byAr Volta is a unique E-city bike.