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Are you ready to stand out?

  • Reinvented – refined in its simplicity
  • Handcrafted – unique & distinctive
  • Customizable – create your own style

Ready for your ultimate e-bike ride?

You provide enough air in your tires and a charged battery. The rest is done by your clever byAr. Read on and find out how.

Ready for your ultimate e-bike ride?

You provide enough air in your tires and a charged battery. The rest is done by your clever byAr. Read on and find out how.

Comfort and luxury in a bicycle

handcrafted – Dutch design

The handmade aluminum frame is designed from the shape of the wheels and is made with extreme precision in the Netherlands. The oversized aluminum tubes are very strong and make the horizontal bar superfluous. It gives your bike a contemporary eye-catching look. And above all, the convenience of a low entry.

The byAr is supplied in 1 frame size – suitable for riders from 1.60 to 2.00 m – easy & flexible to adjust to your most comfortable sitting position.

Create your own look

customizable – unique

For example, what do you think of your byAr in the pronounced copper color? Or are you going for a more retro look by opting for the sky blue color with brown saddle and handles? Whichever combination you choose, you will distinguish yourself in the street scene.

Click here and configure your byAr in your favorite style.

design ebike
byAr bicycle

No worries about punctures

stability – sharp look

The extra thick spokes and tires provide greater stability. Punctures do not happen quickly due to the special treatment and kevlar layer. The aluminum rims with polished sides for an even better look.

Well-dosed strong braking power

precision – safety

The brakes on an electric bicycle must have more power due to the higher average speed. The hydraulic brakes provide precise and measured braking power.

By pedaling back you slow down on the motor and energy flows back to the battery. That saves you on charging.

Always clearly visible

integrated – safety

Lighting is conveniently protected in the frame – always works even with an empty battery.

No worries about theft

GPS tracker – insurance

You secure your bicycle via the lock in the frame and if necessary, we block the motor of your bicycle remotely. With the byAr insurance plan you don’t have to worry about anything anymore; we will arrange it for you.

Optional Smart Lock to replace the integrated lock; you no longer need a key, you operate the lock via your smart phone.

byar ebike

You don’t even have to switch

intuitive – support

The bike learns from your riding behavior and adapts seamlessly to this while riding.

Your byAr is always there for you

maintenance-free – sustainable

Defects and maintenance of the bicycle chain are a thing of the past because you move through an indestructible cardan shaft. Would you like to know more about the advantages of the cardan shaft? Read our blog.

cardanas fiets
cardanas ebike
byAr app

The byAr app

Always connected – up to date – in control

You can follow your performance and that of the bike on the handy app. The clear dashboard gives you all the information for your smoothest ride:

  • engine settings – preferences
  • ride stats
  • battery level
  • route planner
  • GPS tracker
  • remote updates & diagnostics

De ultieme ECity bike

The byAr Volta is a luxury design bicycle with a striking design that sets you apart. The bicycle is designed from a passion for design, innovation and craftsmanship. With the aim of creating your most comfortable ride ever.

The price of the Volta byAr is €3.500

View the technical specifications here or even better; experience the refined simplicity for yourself during a free test drive. Get on and experience for yourself.


Luggage basket

Ideal for your (work)bag or groceries - up to 15 kilos


Luggage carrier

Optionally add luggage carrier for child seat, for example.


Smart lock

Smart security for your byAr


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Zehus remote

Arrange everything on your byAr at any time


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byAr Service

Butler service

Carefree driving - 3 year warranty & butler service

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Preventive service & breakdown assistance

€10 p.m.

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Theft & replacement transport

€15 p.m.

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Business e-bikes

Branded byAr(s), buy & lease

€98 p.m. (excl. VAT)

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